Having been involved in many diverse projects involving either straight-forward or technically-challenging situations, NIMETA Consult has an excellent reputation as a premier geotechnical consultancy and can demonstrate a full understanding of the complexities involved in specialised site preparation, foundations, and fast-track engineering solutions.

Working closely with stakeholders, designers and construction teams, we devise cost-effective geotechnical solutions appropriate to the proposed structures and prevailing site conditions.

Services provided include:

  • Sub-surface investigations
  • Foundation design
  • Seismic analysis and numerical modelling
  • Earth retaining structures, excavation support, and underpinning design
  • Ground improvement and soil/rock slope stabilisation
  • Tunnelling, underground, and trenchless construction
  • Waterfront design and marine engineering
  • Temporary and permanent groundwater control
  • Controlled inspection and instrumentation monitoring during construction
  • Forensic studies and expert testimony
Selected Projects

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