Nimeta Consult coordinates the entire range of engineering services and project-management resources needed to undertake and complete any project.

In addition to the full range of engineering consulting services, NIMETA Consult has extensive experience in project management and supervision. We understand that not all clients have the same requirements and not all projects require the same degree of attention. Therefore we offer services based on three modules:

Acting as the client representative

When a project design or construction is undertaken by third parties, we can act as the client’s agent on site, to monitor and supervise the progress of the project and ensure that the client’s interests are properly represented. We are able to develop this service beyond the construction phases, and incorporate interaction with commercial, legal, financial or statutory parties. 

Independent Project Management

We take a more hands-on role in managing the day-to-day running of the project, the design team and the contractor. NIMETA Consult is responsible for delivering the project satisfactorily; meeting the client’s criteria for time-frame, budget, scope and quality.

Fully-integrated Project Management

To do this, we integrate the design team with the construction contractors - using in-house staff and, where needed, associated technical specialists. Key advantages of this approach are that there is a single point of contact, and that we are responsible for the full delivery of the project from conception to hand-over.

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